Roofing Terminology J-L


JOIST- Horizontally placed timber or beam set on edge to give support to a floor or ceiling.


KETTLE- Equipment used for heating bitumen to a flowing consistency.


LADDER, FIXED- A ladder which is permanently attached to a building.

LAP- To overlap or extend one material partially over another.

LEAD- A malleable metal once extensively used for flashings.

LEAN-TO ROOF- The sloping roof of a building addition having its rafters or supports pitched against and supported by the adjoining wall of a building.

LIQUID-APPLIED MEMBRANE- Generally applied to cast-in-place concrete surfaces in one or more coats to provide fully-adhered waterproof membranes which conform to all contours.

LIVE LOAD- The weight superimposed by snow or water or other tangibles which lack permanency, not including the wind load, on a roof.

LOOSE LAID- A membrane "laid loosely", i.e., not adhered, over a roof deck or BURM

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